part-time academy


Nature-based learning with communitY focused curriculum for homeschool students

The Hybrid Program is a three day per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday), 12-week session inviting students to join our full-time academy.  This program provides students with academic and outdoor education, engaging them in our unique and growing community of teachers.  


  • Trackable progression through the Ontario curriculum

  • Interactive Parent/Teacher/Student platform to see your child’s progress on their journey to mastery in video, picture, anecdotal, and project form

  • Access to our unique integrated style of instruction using Topics of Inquiry (T.O.I)

  • Personalized attention to your child’s learning path (6:1 student to teacher ratio)

  • Learning in an inspiring context (outdoors 70% of the time minimum)

  • Community learning: special curriculum provided by mentors from the community

  • Nature connection programming: bushcraft, animal track and sign, tree and plant I.D., and more.

  • Fun, engaging games and play-based education

  • Fresh daily lunches, morning and afternoon snacks provided


Community Learning Subject Areas:




Introduction to computers


Team sports

Animal husbandry


***Subject areas may be changed throughout the year, depending on the season, interests of the students and instructor availability.***

Fall Session 2019:


Running Time: 8:30am - 3:15pm.  Every Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday

First Day: September 5

Last Day: December 5

No Classes: October 8 and November 5-9

Cost: $2350+hst 12-week Hybrid Program


Winter Session:

Running Time: 8:30am - 3:15pm.  Every Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday

December 10-April 4

No classes: December 24 - January 18, and February 18-22

Cost: $2350+hst 12-week Hybrid Program

Spring/Summer Session:

Running Time: 8:30am - 3:15pm.  Every Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Every Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday

April 8-July 11

No classes: April 22-26, May 20, and July 1

Cost: $2350+hst 12-week Hybrid Program