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Think outside the box.

A Campaign to Plant Roots for Nature-Based Learning

Being able to immerse yourself in the wilderness around you is an amazing experience. Being able to learn and grow in this environment.

It is a life-changing adventure. 

Here at the Road Less Travelled Academy (RLTA) learning through and in nature is our goal. We are a not-for-profit learning academy committed to educate children and youth in an outdoor environment.  We are located in the heart of the Ganaraska Forest in Northumberland County, Ontario where we provide nature-based, community learning programs. 

Our vision is academic pursuits with deep roots, which is why we value student learning through hands-on experience outside in the forest.  It’s in this environment where children and youth receive education on a more personalized level from our teachers. Unlike regular classrooms, our student to teacher ratio is lower.  This way we can provide more opportunities for one-on-one support to help further their development.

This way we foster a deep appreciation for education and the environment amongst our students and broader community.

About the Campaign

As of right now the floor of the Ganaraska Forest is used for our classroom, however, with our numbers of enrolment increasing and activity growing we need to expand and equip ourselves with adequate resources. Everything we need to improve the education and experience at the Academy comes at a cost of $30,000.

These improvements are an essential need for the Academy.  We’re asking you to help us provide the best education possible for our students.   Your donation will help fund the following wish list items for the 2019-2020 school year:

Yurt, $17,000

The Yurt will be used for shelter and indoor classroom on extreme weather days.  It’s designed with natural wood, canvas walls, benches, a deck and a compost toilet keeping in line with our outdoor and sustainable values.  

Kitchen, $10,000

An investment in a community kitchen will enable us to broaden our curriculum by teaching food literacy and cooking skills to children and youth.  It will also serve as a gathering place for staff, parents and volunteers.

iPads, x 5, $2,500

iPads will provide our teachers with an opportunity to incorporate minimal technology into student learning without comprising their outdoor experience.  As wireless technology, iPads will teach students how to integrate natural resources with digital ones.   

T800 Two Way Radios, $200

These radios will enable communication on the go, between teachers. Being surrounded by trees in the Ganaraska Forest means cell-phone signals can be weak and unreliable. Communication while out in the wild is extremely important to make sure everyone is safe.

Support the Campaign

With the help of the Think Outside the Box fundraising campaign these essentials can be purchased for our Academy to be enjoyed by teachers and students alike. More importantly, it will help us to increase our capacity to reconnect children and youth with nature, exploration, and most importantly, the humanity of being young, wild, and free.

Help us inspire the desire to inquire. Donate today.