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Aaron Rosen - Principal

Aaron Rosen is a Children and Youth Counsellor, Youth Advocate, and Wilderness Educator whose dedication, passion, and compassion have all earned him the reputation as a service-centered visionary in his field. Over the course of a decade, he has had the opportunity to work for some of most esteemed wilderness schools and therapy programs nationwide, where he has served as a leader who champions the powerful art behind nature connection mentoring.

Aaron is a proud graduate of both the prestigious Wilderness Awareness School's Anake Outdoor School and the Anake Leadership Program, where he studied nature connection and forest schooling in-depth. Aaron is also a proud graduate of the world renowned Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School. Furthermore, he is a certified Wildlife Tracker and is certified in Wilderness First Aid. Even still, his sights are set on lifelong learning and professional development. 

Needless to say, Aaron Rosen’s knowledge of nature can not only be seen through his academic prowess, but through his direct, hands-on experiences that drive him to share what he has personally learned along his multifaceted journey. It is this determination that he harnesses to shape the future of his community and the Earth at large. 


Connor Als - Maple Stream & Head of Education

Connor Als is an Outdoor Experiential Educator whose exceptional problem solving, dedication, and knowledge have all earned him the reputation as a service-driven leader. As the Head of Education, at Road Less Travelled Academy, Connor is dedicated to the continuous development of the students and the creation of engaging school curriculum. Formerly, he served as a leader for an array of different initiatives. Most notably, his intensive work delivering the International Baccalaureate program which enabled him to work with youth spanning from age three all the way to 18 years of age.

In 2016, Connor obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Political Philosophy and Law (with honors) from McMaster University. He also holds various distinctions, including but not limited to Level 2 Ropes Course Practitioner, Padi: Advanced Open Water Diver, National Lifeguard, Lifesaving Instructor, Standard First Aid Provider, and CPR Healthcare Provider.

Above all, Connor Als is an adventurous, hard-working professional who strives for nothing more than sharing his lifelong passion for the great outdoors with the up-and-coming generation. Deeply committed to making the world a better place than when he first entered it, his ultimate vision is to pioneer cutting-edge methodologies leveraging natural tools and spaces for the cornerstone of every child’s development: their education.


Allie Vandersanden - Willow Stream

Allie Vandersanden is a writer and educator, full of curiosities about this world, the people living in it, and their stories. Her passion for experiencing new places and cultures led her to spend several years in Italy, working first as an ESL teacher, then as an academic instructor at a forest school in the hills above the city of Florence.

Allie holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, and a post graduate certificate in creative book publishing, as well as certifications such as standard CPR level C, non-violent crisis intervention, and non-violent communication. A lover of nature and immersion in the outdoors, she has participated in outdoor education and learning on the land courses, fueling her desire to be an advocate for alternative educational approaches.

An open-minded and adventurous individual, Allie brings her experience working in various academic and camp environments to RLTA, with an eagerness to facilitate learning, growth, and a kind relationship with the environment among young minds.

Marianne Marusic B.A., A.R.C.T. - MUsic

A graduate of Music from the University of Toronto and Piano Performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Marianne has been teaching music to students of all ages since 1984. An examiner with the Royal Conservatory of Music since 1996, Marianne specializes in Conservatory Examination preparation but also explores popular and jazz styles with her students.

Her innovative book Cougar's Great Adventure teaches young children to read music through a cross-country journey and has gained popularity and critical acclaim throughout North America.

An active member of the artistic community Marianne is a member of the board of directors of Les AMIS Concerts, directs an adult choir and is a frequent performer for private functions.


Shannon arnold - Forest day instructor

At the RLTA, Shannon is passionate about connecting children with the natural world by engaging them in hands on experiences. Her work gives children access to natural environments and play experiences thereby enriching the understanding of their place in our community. She has developed her programming over the last 8 years, primarily nestled away in the Don Valley at the Evergreen Brick Works. She has facilitated and managed school and camp programming for Evergreen, as well as developed the outdoor programming for elementary students at Gradale Academy. Shannon holds a BA in Dramatics Studies from Bishops University, a BEd from The University of Toronto (O.I.S.E.), and is an Ontario Certified Teacher.


One of the core values of the Road Less Travelled Academy is to connect our students with a diverse community of teachers and mentors.  Our community staff are people living within the greater community of Port Hope and the surrounding area, who are specialists in their field. Community staff come in to share their expertise with our students on an ongoing basis.  In doing so, our students begin cultivating authentic relationships and empower them to become active and responsible members of the Port Hope community.

Our neighbours in the Northumberland Hills are artists, artisans, farmers, coaches, cattlemen, carpenters, and the list goes on.  There is a wealth of wisdom around us, and we want to invite those who are interested in sharing their knowledge with our students.  Some of these pursuits may require days spent off campus and logistics will be determined on an as-needed basis.