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Nature has always been our teacher. We (humanity) have never been separated from it, and our lives would not be possible without in-depth knowledge of the natural world. From the food we eat to the air we breathe there is no denying the connection. Road Less Travelled Academy recognizes the importance of this relationship, which is why we choose the forest as our classroom. We are a grassroots initiative full-curriculum school, building intelligent, connected, healthy and aware children. Our mission is to inspire the desire to inquire. We want all the children we work with to become confident, connected, life-long learners, involved in their communities and grounded in the awareness that nature is our lifeboat.

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Are your children's gifts being seen? There is a story told by world-renowned education activist Sir Ken Robinson in which he describes a young girl who could not sit still. At first, everyone thought there was something wrong with her until one day; someone thought, "she just needs to dance." Dame Gillian Lynne went on to become one of the most celebrated choreographers of our time, and was a crucial player in the success of productions like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Cats." Road Less Travelled Academy sees this story as a testament to the importance of seeking ways to empower children by encouraging their unique gifts and skillsets.

Academy features

  • Trackable progression through the Ontario curriculum

  • Digital Interactive Parent/Teacher/Student platform to see your child’s progress

  • Access to our unique integrated style of instruction using Topics of Inquiry (T.O.I).

  • Personalized attention (6:1 student to teacher ratio).

  • Learning outdoors (70% of the time minimum).

  • Community learning: special curriculum provided by mentors from the community.

  • Nature connection programming: bushcraft, animal track / sign, tree and plant I.D., and more.

  • Intergenerational learning.

  • Fun, engaging games and play-based education.

  • Fresh daily lunches, morning and afternoon snacks.


  • Before care (7:30-8:30 AM) and after-care (3:15 - 5:30 PM), Monday to Friday.

we have a Part-Time Option!

Enrol your child to attend for just 3-days a week. They will still participate in the regular curriculum programming and have their progress tracked. This is to help parents who want the outdoor forest school curriculum for their children, and also want their children to participate in other programs during the week, or home-school their children.

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Countries all over the world have recognized a need for education reform, adopting new strategies and methodologies to serve their future generations best. At RLT Academy we use a nature-centered multi-faceted approach to supporting your child's development. To fan the flames of your child’s inspirations we use inquiry-based, passion-based learning to engage their learning spirit. That being said, our role is not passive. We actively present opportunities or gateways to knowledge; providing inspiring entry points for students to explore new areas of interest. How do we do this? Please check out our curriculum to learn more.